Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone

I just realized my last post was in Feb. So much has happened since then. This blog will no longer be about BC"S and Herding. Due to some medical problems I have had to step away from that. Maybe someday in the future I can get involved again. I do miss the people. I was able to find two great homes for my Border Collies and for that I am so grateful for.

Now my life includes my beloved Lab Mix (she does have Border Collie ), a Jack Russell who keeps me feeling someone loves me in this world (beside my Lord) and my Chihuahuas. Star who gives me comfort in the loss of your original owner and my best friend and Bambi who we rescued a year ago. Of course there are two cats, America and Lea the baby of the family.

This last year has been one of loss and challenges. I had to go live with my son for two months but finally got to come back home. We all were so happy for that. After trying for 3 years to receive Social Security Disability I finally chose to go back to work pain or no pain. I just recently found a job in a field that I truly like. It is a office job so working is easier than being behind a cash register. The biggest thing I have done is in the last few months I have chose to rejoin a church. It has been 40 years since I attended one. I have shocked those around me by the church I have chosen. Some have been supported in my decision and some have not. To those that have been Thank you. To the others I hope someday you may change your mind. The church I chose was the Church Of Latter Day Saints or Mormon to some.

But things are now going good and hopefull the new year will bring more great things.