Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dog Rescue Groups

I never thought much about rescue groups until this last month. When my friend died I was able to get 5 of her dogs. The rest I had to be left behind, 2 because they are large dogs and the other 2 were Chihuahuas and I just couldn't catch them. I was able to find home for the 3 Chi's. But than I was left with the 2 boys. One of them was hairless. Well I knew that Eileen had worked with one gal on rescue so she was the first person I contacted. Well things finally led me to a rescue in Portland that was able to take the 2 boys. And it just happened that Susan L was headed that way.

Than just a week ago A friend of Eileen's had called me. She had got some bad news from her doctor and she would need to downsize on her dogs. So a gal I had met through the losing of EIleen, her and I went to talk with her and get pictures and info. By later that night Pam had found someone to take the 2 Chinese Crested. This gal also said she thought she could find homes for the other 2. And did she ever come through, there is a gal flying in from Maryland next week to pick the last 2. This has given Sandy such piece of mind. And for me it has shown rescues can have happy endings. And of the chi's that I said had homes well one of them has made herself quite at home here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Waking up in Portland

I need more sunny days. Took the dogs out and I could of swore that I was in Portland or even Kodiak AK. Where is spring?

Well I think I'm finally getting back to somewhat normal life. I just made arrangments to turn the last two dogs of Eileen's over to a rescue. They are in portland and can find homes for both the boys. Plus they will get fixed. (Couldn't spell the other word this morning). My daughter in-laws sister took the youngest chihuahua, I am keeping one (I know I need another dog) she just attached herself to me. She is small and quiet. She won't be much of a problem. Bet of all the 2 queens of the roost approve. Of course it was done kinda of sneaky. Brought the dogs home (my dogs were use to them being be) and one will stay. Now if I can get on with life it would all be good.

My new baby is the black one.