Friday, February 25, 2011

He Has Found a Home

I am happy to say that Trey has found a new home. There was a ad this morning for someone looking for a herding dog. So I responded and than they called me. The guy is a school teacher in Elko NV. They have sheep and goats. He is driving up the end of April to get him. I think I have found the perfect home for my Bud. Now I need to find a few head so I can show this guy how he works and his commands. He is new to the sheepdog thing, been using his kids as herders but they are moving on with their life's.

I have come to the decision that I need to rehome my Trey dog. My life has taken some big changes lately and he is a unhappy dog because of it.
This is Trey, he is a nine yr old fixed male, with the spunk of a two yr old. He is out of Don Couch's Cassie and Derek Fisher's Gylen. He also goes back to Patrick Shannhan's Hannah. I trialed with him in novice. The home I would like to see take him is a small farm away from town. He gets along with other dogs but would be happier being the only one or maybe one other larger dog. He seems to get over excited with smaller dog movements. He is a sweetheart and my bud but I have to make some hard choices right now. And I know he would be happier in a different home life. You may contact me by email for any other info.