Monday, February 22, 2010

Trial Weekend Update

Well did our first trial in a year (going to aim to do better than that this year). It was pretty cold on Saturday, might not have been if there wasn't a small wind. Novice class was the last one of the day. Remember I said the first in a year well did it show, even though we had worked a little recently (as recent as Tuesday). Belle went down and sent the sheep 4 directions I think. Crossed the course chased sheep but did eventually listen to me and came back to me.

Sunday was much better all the way around. Weather was nice, just a slight breeze that stopped once in awhile and best of all there was sun. Again our class was the last to run. I was next to last where yesterday I was first. I was really happy with her outrun and lift. She didn't hesitate at all picking the sheep up with Patrick and his dog there. That was a good start. Made our turn and started the drive. That went so-so but we did get it done. Next was the pen and between Belle not listening real well and the sheep not wanting to cooperate we timed out. Over all the weekend was a good one. Thanks to the Don, Jeanie, Patrick and Dianne for a great time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I wonder what it would look like if someone flew overhead and could see our driving pattern. They probably would think that is one drunk bunch of sheep or a drunk BC. I think Dianne was finally speaking English today. We tried something different on helping Belle drive and she was doing pretty good. Now if we can duplicate some of that Saturday. Guess we will see.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks Ellie!

Just got down reading Ellie's post and now the butterflies have kicked in for this weekend. Going to Dianne's tomorrow for a lesson. First one in a long time. My goal (no resolutions for me) is to get active again with my dogs. Saturday will be a good start, even though i have got in a few practices since the first of the year. So can't wait until Saturday. See you all than.