Saturday, January 30, 2010

I can't believe my life has been so boring lately, that almost 2 months has gone by without me updating the blog. In fact I just noticed I had a couple of comments from Dec that I needed to approve. Sorry Jodi and Kathy. In answer to your question Jodi about USBCH having a rule about a bitch in season no their ins't one. I choice not to run her in consideration of other handlers with male dogs. Plus we couldn't get sheep time with Dianne with her being in heat. But we will be out there next month. I have met a neat person that will let me come and work sheep so hopefully we will get sometime on sheep before the trial. I have been sick with a sinus infection for 2 months and I think we have finally beat it. But thanks to all the antibiotics I'm dealing with another problem right now. I will be so glad to get back to normal. Well that is all I can think of for now. So I will go back to hibernation. See most of you next weekend at the clinic.