Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Sad Day in Homedale ID

It is nice sometimes to live in a small town where you get to know everybody and watch their kids grow. I am originally from Chicago and have been here 37 years. The last 11 of those were spent working in Homedale. I met so many neat people and got to watch their kids become teens and adults. Yesterday one of those kids had his life cut short. And now his brother will have to live with killing his brother. My heart aches for his mom and dad. So much to deal with. The town is in shock. My ex boss was related to these people and his son was friends with Conner. My heart aches for him having to experience something like this at such a young age. And than you go down the road 4 miles to Wilder and another family is grieving the loss of their young son to alcoholic poisoning. Yesterday and everyday is a day to remember to give your loved ones a hug and tell them you love them. You just never know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Long Little Ones

Well two of my little guys went to their new home tonite. I gave my granddaughter hers.(see the picture above), His name will be Snoopy and that is what is on his shirt. The other one is going to her Aunt's. His name is Rowdy. They will be spending a lot of time together which will be good. The other two, one is going to my friend's and I am keeping one. Even though I know they are going to good homes I still felt like I was letting my kid go. But I will see them often. So a happy ending for my little guys. Oh and my son is thrilled with the pup and drove me nuts until I said they could go home. Worse than my granddaughter. Have a good evening everyone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Will this winter ever go away. It's going to be next winter before i ever get my yard cleaned up. Than to top things off I guess one of my bushes don't like me. Had to go to the Dr yesterday because for the last week my arms and legs have felt on fire and itch, They seem to think it is one of the bushes I was trimming. And I know exactly which one to. Now I just need to find someone to come finish pruning it. Since I only got it part way done.

Well Easter was a good one. My son just fell in love with their pup they are getting, He spent most of the afternoon with the pups. I knew he would be alright once it was said and done. My son can be out in left field sometimes with his beliefs and I just did not want to hear excuses why they couldn't have the dog. I almost didn't get out of their with it. They had company on Easter so all the pups got a good dose of socialization. It was hard to keep up with 4 puppies. Just 2 1/2 more weeks and than they get to go home. Where has the time gone.

Well Belle and I have a couple of weeks off. Dianne is going to be gone. So guess I will busy myself around here. Still have clean up and to finish getting the new irrigation lines done.

Have a good rest of the week.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well today is family time. Go in and have dinner with my family, have a easter egg hunt, and try to snag some candy from the kids. My grandkids are past the beleiving in the Easter Bunny but they still get a basket and get to hunt for eggs. I know of a family that their kids are grown and the mom still does Easter Baskets for the kids. I have always said why stop beleiving when there will always be a little one around to beleive for.

Well we went out to Diane's on Thrusday. Worked in the arena. If i must say so myself things went pretty good. Worked on driving with Belle. Finally starting to get it. Not her, she does good, but me.

Well the cat is out of the bag finally. My daughter in-law finally let my son know they are getting a pup. She was showing him a video that I put on You Tube. He asked where the dog was and she told him at my house. Than he said why isn't here and she told him it was to young. So tomorrow I will take all of them with me and do some socializing. Living alone makes that hard to do when there is no one around. The big dogs are doing there part in helping. Trey is so funny he just lets them gnaw on his paw, nose, tail. What ever they can find. Last night he was sitting there and had one that was chewing on him, he finally took his paw and very gently moved the pup around to the front of him and than set his paw on top of the pup. Belle tries to play but doesn't relize her size scares the pups. They are getting use to it. Mom is starting to work with the pups.

Well it is bedtime. Everyone have a Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


It seems like the weather is totally against what I'm trying to do. But I think I figured out it is not hard to predict Idaho weather. Lets see, Nice day, day with wind, followed by day with rain and than repeat. So according to that I can work in the yard this weekend.

Was out at Dianne's yesterday. Beautiful day, just a tad cool but workable. Dianne worked Belle in the sheep pen for a bit making her do a full lay down, not a sit or half a lay down but a lay down. She finally got the idea. Than she took her out in the field and worked her a bit out there. She had a short brain fart but came out of it. Was looking good. Took a break while Ann unloaded Levi. She is off to Hawaii for a week. Wish I was her. Than I took Belle out. We started rough did a little stick throwing but ended good. I was happy with our time. Than when I got home I had the dogs out in the front yard with me and Trey was eating stuff he shouldn't so I told him to lie down. Got him to do it, turned around and there was Belle over in the driveway laying down. Now why can't she listen when there are sheep involved. Overall it was a good day got a lot accomplished. Now I am going to start the pups on food for the first time. This should be fun.