Monday, February 23, 2009

We Did It. Or Should I Say Belle Did It.

Well the trial is over and it is time to look back and see where we need to go from here. I know definitely we need to go back to the driving but also lifting off other people and the big one listening to me. Even though I did do better with my voice and I think she responded to that. On Sat. all I wanted was to get a outrun, lift,and fetch from her. I knew if we accomplished that it would be a big step. And she did great with it. Took off a little early but I got her stopped and restarted. Drive didn't happen and we timed out at the pen. But I was very happy with the run. Than Sunday I kept telling her just one more piece of the puzzle. Again the drive didn't happen, but we got our pen. That was the first time she had ever done a pen. And she did good. I am now mentally back in the game. Before the trial it was like will I ever get this dog to do a complete run. It just took some time and it will take more time down the road. But that is why we do this. You put so much time in that you can't quit on your dog. All you can do is go back to the drawing board and revamp a new plan. Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Well tomorrow is Patricks and Dianne's trial. Worked Belle both yesterday and today. Yesterday was not to bad. We spend alot of time by the sheep pen but that was a good lesson for her. Than today I went out and Dianne was gone but Deb and Colleen from SLC was there. Deb tried to hold sheep for me and Belle just lost her brain. Finally got her back in the game eventually. Than Colleen came out and held and I finally got a decent run. Called it quits was not going to push my luck. I always like to leave on a positive note. We are also trying to work on our voice. Maybe Dianne should be giving voice lessons before we start working the dogs. :) . I do know what I need to do tomorrow. Talk softly, get close to the sheep and hope for the best. See you all this weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Its Time

Have you ever got in those moods where its time to clean house? I mean really clean. Like throwing everything out the door clean. That is what I spend my day doing. We hauled stuff and loaded the pickup until there was no more. I had 2 couches, both of them gave to me. One I had let the dogs have and it was wore out when I got it. They finished it off. Then I had a sectional gave to me, at first I like it but it was to big for my front room. It was very well used to. So it went out the door. There was a bunch of other junk and it was no use or shape to give away so out it went. I think the dogs were thinking they might be next. This little housecleaning all started Friday when I got a new bed (new to me). So than I had to get into the spare room to get the bed that was there out so I could put the bed I was replacing in there. But first I had to get the bed that was there out so onto craiglist it went. I was giving it away. A single mom who was just going out her own contacted me. She came out and got it. So I did a good deed for someone. Well one thing let to another until it all went bye bye today. And now I am going to find some drugs to kill the pain in my back from all this furniture moving. Have a good nite.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belle Is Wondering Where Her Real Mom Is

Well we just spend the last two days at Diane's. We went back to Diane setting sheep for me. Yesterday we worked on getting her to stop at the top. Finally got that, than we tried some other stuff. Belle finally had enough and decided she was just going to run great big laps around the field and not acknowledge me at all. My fault because of the way I way talking to her. So today we started again, Better at the top but kept trying to go all the way around, when I said here, she would do a lap around the field. Diane took over and talked to Belle in a tone alot calmer than me. We worked for over an hour with her, finally at the end she and I were both doing better. We will have at least one more practice before the trial. Which reminds me I better get my entry in. See you all a week from this weekend. And lets all wish the best for Diane and Patrick at Zamora.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Spend the afternoon watching the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics Winter Games. It wasn't to bad of a program. Idaho does itself proud I think when we have to put ourselves out their for the world to see. I have 2 cousins that have Downs syndrome. One of them participated in Special Olympics. The last thing I can remember about my Dad before he died was him making a trophy case for her to put her trophies in.
Went to Diane's on Thursday, Belle did pretty good after Diane finally got her and the sheep out onto the field. Minor malfunction on my part so Diane stepped in. Other than that she did pretty good. I think she is finally maturing (I mean she is only 3 yrs old). I noticed a couple of things that she hasn't done before. Now if I can just figure out how to have a bottle of rocks on me at the trial things will be good. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?????

I am so bored with this weather. It is nice to finally see sunshine, but come on some warm days would be nice. Even the dogs agree. At least tomorrow we are going to Dianes. That will be a welcome break. I also get to go help my grandson send his first assignment or quiz, I'm not sure which in. He is doing the virtual high school that is online. He had a hard time adjusting to the mass of kids at Caldwell High. So his parents got him enrolled in the virtual high school. He seems happier now. Well he isn't totally computer savvy yet so we are going o try to help him send it in. It is all done online.

Today I had the most rudest Idaho Power guy (sorry Don) show up. They wanted to turn my meter so they can read it from the side instead of the back. Well it took me a bit to realize someone was here and when I did as I went to answer the door I through the big dogs out the other back door. He was standing at the edge of the trailer and tried to say something but with 3 dogs barking well you know what that is like. So I met him on the front side of the trailer and the first words out of his mouth was did you let the dogs out because you thought I was shutting the power off. I informed him know I wasn't that I did it so I could answer the door. Now I do have a bunch of limbs that need to be pulled out front and my ex keeps saying he will come do it. Than this guy insinuates that the inside is as bad as the mess in the back. Tells me that he needs a clean path to the other door. I informed him the dogs were crate broke and that I would go put them up for him. Than the final step he turns my power off and doesn't tell me. Here I have the computer on and he just kills the power. I go back and say something to him and he pops off again. So I asked for his name and called Idaho Power. I have never had any problems with Idaho Power the bill is always paid. This guy was the biggest jerk next to the next door neighbor that I have ever had show up. It would be nice to see him lose his job. My son does work that he goes in to customers homes. I hope he is more polite that that little twit. Ok I'm done. Going to go fix supper.