Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snowmobiles on Water

Yep that's what I said. Yesterday a friend told me that they had heard a guy was going to ride his snowmobile across the Snake River in Marsing. So about (11:00 am ) which is when he had been told it would happen we went into Marsing. Didn't see anything coming across the bridge so thought it was just someone blowing smoke. So I went to the store and decided to drive down into he park by the river. Went to the north side and sure enough there sat two machines. So called my friend and he came down. Well it was more like 1:30 before it went off. I think half the town was there and some of Homedale. I had the two small dogs with because I didn't think I'd be gone long. At least we had shade to hang out in. Got some good video of the run and the recovery of the one that didn't make it. They will up on You Tube and Facebook in a short. Was something to see and waste a Saturday on.