Friday, August 14, 2009

What month is this?

Man, I just came in from taking the dogs out and is it ever chilly. Feels like Sept. or Oct. Well haven't written for awhile, where does the time go. Had to make the decision not to run Belle at the Boise Fair because she injured her pad. So I have decided I will wait until after Finals and start back with Diane.

At the beginning of the year I made the decision to breed my small dog and give my granddaughter a pup.(and I got grieve for that) There was concern about my son but in the end it all worked out. In fact the dog sleeps with mom and dad. Well a couple of months ago my grandson told me one day that he would like a friend. AS in a dog. Well he got into a little trouble with mom as teens do and so I never brought it up to my DIL. Well come to find out she had been thinking of getting him a dog. They are moving to a farm in Nampa and have the room for two dogs. So my grandson and I talked to her about a lab mix I know is looking for a home. But she wanted a small dog. The next day Kory brought up the lab again and than told her that he wished I would let him have the pup I kept out of the litter. Well I was thinking of doing that before I heard what he said. So I did the only thing a grandmother could do and gave him Kolt. I know he will have a good home I would trust this kid with my other dogs in a heart beat. I will get to see him all the time. I still have his mom and she is very special to me so I will be all right letting my little boy go.