Thursday, September 23, 2010

What would Dogs Do (if They weren't spending our money)

Had to take Trey to the vet this morning. Last night I was watching TV and he was walking around. Something didn't look right on his right elbow. Called him to be and he had this lump there. Well I had just gone over him a few days ago looking for mats, it wasn't there than. So for the fact it had popped up that quick I called the vet first thing this morning. Took him and the vet looked at it and said it was a hemotoma. That he most likely through himself down when he laid down and broke a blood vessel. He says they see alot of that in large dogs. Took a needle prick to see what the fluid was and it was what he thought. While I was there I talked with him about Trey's anxiety. Licking walls, his feet, the back of Brandi's crate. Freaking out when I pick up the remote, etc. The triggers that set him off are numerous. The other night has I was raising my arm to set it across the back of the couch it popped and he jumped up and the licking on the wall was on. So we are trying him on Prozac and see if it helps. I just want to give this dog some peace in his later years.

Stopped by and picked up a pair of parroletts from a friend of mine. They are sure cute little guys.

Well I have a hearing date for my disability, now if I can just hang on until then. All of my  UE stops the beginning of OCT. But things are caught up from no money this summer so just keeping my fingers crossed.

Until the next time, Love, Eat, and Pray!