Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well we went and spent some time with Diane today. Her and I were on the same page as what to work on. We decided that we would back up a bit and work on her lying down and staying back at the top. Well we had a few rocky starts but than her and I, mainly me finally figured out what we should be doing. Took a break for a bit, watched the pups gnaw on a bone bigger than them. They are getting to look like little tiny BCs. Than it was back out to the field. That go round went so much better. She finally started listening to me and I started making her understand what I was asking her for. We will prevail.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day

Well it is back to the grindstone tomorrow. We have a lesson with Diane, the first since the Brr Bones. We will take a step back and do some up close work. See if we can get her back to listening and lying done (or just change pace) when she lifts. It is so hard to see her not listen when we are out there but listens at home. So until tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank You! A Note of Thanks to My Son

My son does disater clean-up and other construction type work. The other day he was at a job laying carpet and the homeowner had a big u-shaped desk. She was going to be getting rid of it and offered it to the guys working or she was just going to throw it away. So my son called and asked If I wanted it. Of course I said yes. I trust his judgement and knew it wouldn't be junk. How right I was. He only took half of it and it's a good think because all of it would never have fit in this room. It is Gray and black, with a top that has cubbyholes and enclosed storage area. Also has 2 drawers. A small one and a filing folder drawer. It really looks good. And the best part is he delivered it and put it together. What more can a mom ask for. Now I need to get a flat screen monitor because mine is the old type and just doesn't work with this desk. So son if you see this know how much I appreciate what you have done and I love you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Think I finally Got it

I have been trying to get this blog tweaked the way I want it. I had been stuck on a few things and was going to have Jodi help me. Well last nite and again today I think I finally figured it out. Just a couple of things more to do.

Well was hoping to go outside today and work with Belle on her down but haven't been able to find the yard. So I stayed in and cleaned up my kitchen instead. Just worked with her on some downs, the dogs just came in and are excited so I thought now was as good as any to make her listen. So we just spend a few minutes on that of course the other dogs couldn't figure what was happening. Well I'm off to find something for dinner. Really need to go grocery shopping for me one of these days instead of just for the dogs and cat.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brrr Bones

Well we now have our first official trial done and boy do we still have things to work on. We DQ'd both days but Sunday did go a little better. I'm going to spend this week not working sheep but I'm going to try to set up situations to work on Belle's down. Than when we start back in next week it will be getting her to listen to me and acknowledging me when we are out there. She responds well at home so I can't recreate that here. It doesn't matter what she is doing at home she always comes to me. It's just being with the sheep that she things she is in control. Yes Diane I know you have told me to really get on her. The light bulb finally came on. I paid for that this weekend. Her faults were my fault. So we pick up our self's and look to the next trial. I know her and I can do it and we will eventually.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Good Day AT Dianes

Well we're back from Dianes. It went pretty well if I must say so. We might even get through a run tomorrow. I even got her to drive them from me and the last drive she took them all the way to Diane. Woo Hoo. Now if she will only remember her name tomorrow.

Big Day Tomorrow

Well This weekend is Belle's first official trial after months of working with Diane. We are headed to her place later this morning for one more practice. I have trialed another dog for 2 yrs but I feel like I am getting ready for my first trial all over again. I just keep telling myself that I (well we) can do this. Think I can convince myself of that by tomorrow? Well I will be back tomorrow and let you know what happened.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Here's to all my fellow BC owners, May you have a joyous and fun filled year with your BC's. Hope to see you at future trials and that you BC does you proud.
Well we survived New Years Eve. I have girlfriend who's birthday is Dec. 31 so I cooked her dinner and her brother and husband was here also. Watched a DVD, made some Kahlua Shakes, drank some wine coolers so the new year come in and was not one of the 41 people in the valley who got DUIs. Tomorrow we start back working Belle and getting ready for Brr Bones. I fell like this is going to be my first time at the post, which it isn't. Its just Belles first real trial. Hopefully all of Diane's and my hard work will pay off. I wish Helsleys could be there to watch her run. Well until next time have a good day.