Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Want Spring to Last Longer

It would be really nice if the nice weather here in Idaho would last more than a couple of days. I have so many plans for my yard and keep getting stopped. I mean how about a couple of bad days than a week of good.

Well had a message from Dianne when I woke up, we were suppose to go out there today. She sounded so bad on the phone. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Spring colds are no fun. Besides if you can't talk how can we learn. :)

Well the kids are getting big all eyes are open and this morning I was watching them start to play with each other. And they are only 2 1/2 weeks old. What is it going to be like in a couple of weeks. I think letting mom have these pups sure has changed her. She is getting more trusting of me. Not has growly as she was when I got her. When she had these pups I couldn't even get in the room unless she was outside. Now she is seeing that I plan on doing no harm and finally let me pick all of them up and set them on the floor so I could change bedding. Of course I have been doing this when she was out but this was a first that she let me take more than one. I have had small dogs in the past and I think this terrier breed is just fun to have for a companion. I have fallen so in love with her.

Well since It is to windy and cold to go out I guess I will clean up the inside. Hope everyone has a good day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Time for Spring Time Baths

It is all Belle's fault. She started it all. Yesterday we were out in the front yard and my darling little girl found something to roll in. So at 8:00 at night she got a bath. Than I took her outside today and brushed her with my furmentator. I think I left another dog outside. Well today I thought well Brandi (the Lab/BC) really needs a bath so in she went. Well right now she looks like she stuck her tail in a light socket. Tomorrow is Trey's turn. I can just imagine what the water is going to look like with all the digging he does. And than it will be Missy's turn. She is the easiest one to do. I am so lucky that all my dogs including the little one all jump in the tub willing. I am also glad I changed my shower to a handheld. It sure save time using it to bath the dogs. And my back. Well have a good first weekend of spring!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well in just 3 hours it will officially be Spring. Yea!!!! Now come the fun part which by about August I will be wishing for the end of irrigation season. My ground out here isn't really great to do a garden in, plus it is hard for me to do the weeding and planting. So the last few years I have tried growing Tomato's in Buckets. Hasn't worked. So this year I'm going to try a different place in the yard. I am going to go get some horse manure of my girlfriends and work a small area and see what happens. All I want is some fresh tomato's. I can live without everything else. This will be the first year I will really have the time to mess with my yard besides mowing and watering.
Well I got another great deal from good old CL. Ever since Trey ate his crate and than tried to eat the metal crate I have been short one good crate. I had a very old metal one that I had used for my lab and brought that back into use for Belle so I could give Trey the crate with the metal sides. Well I was cruzin through CL and so a ad for large dog kennel. So I opened it and there was this large crate and all she wanted was $20.00. Called and she still had it. Tried to reach a friend who I knew was going to Boise but couldn't so I just took myself over there. This is a brand new crate, she said she thought it never had had a dog. She did use it for her cat for a bit. I knew if I waited I would find another one. Belle has not been happy with her temporary housing. She is tonight though. Last I looked she was sprawled out on her back. Hope everyone has a good day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Sorry my descions don't mesh with the rest of the world

It came to my attention yesterday that there are people that don't agree on me letting my small dog have pups. Well I'm sorry if what I did went against what other people think and do. But I won't apologise for it. And if you don't agree with it I would hope you would ask my reason for doing it. But know this dog will be spoiled rotten and well taken care of it. And the other pups already have homes so nobody will be on CL or in the shelter. I am still a little upset with the one email I got but I will get over it and go on. I'm sure I will get grieve the day I breed Belle because my selfish reasons for that will be to acquire my next trial dog. Hope everyone has a good nite.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sheep , dogs, people & pizza

OK I talked to Dianne on Wednesday. She said that she would be for us taping our lessons and than grabbing a pizza and going over the tape. I believe Joe will man the camera (is that right Ellie?). Than we can just plug into Diannes TV and go from there. We just need to find a date that will work for all. For me anytime will be good. I know some of you have lives and jobs so what ever works for you. By the way what is a life? Since I'm not working I'm forgetting what that is. Of course I think the dogs really like this arrangement. Alot less crate time. The other day I had to just go into town to hear something other than birds chirrping and dogs barking. And of course little toenails on the floor. Now I need to decide do I drive a extra 10 miles to go buy groceries or do I buy in the big town of Marsing and pay a higher price. That is it for my big decision of the day. Everybody give me some dates and I'll see if we all have one day in common.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Midnight Thought

I was just reading Diane Pagel's blog and watching her video. And noticed how easy it was to see what she was doing. I have a suggestion and I am going to email it to Dianne now. What about us, Me, Jodi, Katie, Ellie, and Ann finding someone that will video our runs, also of Dianne doing a perfect run and than having a pizza party and all of us critiquing the videos. Dianne can point out to us where we are wrong or right. Who's In?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Family Has Increased Temporary

Well at 4:30 Sunday morning my little JRT started giving birth to the beginning of 4 male puppies. The dad was a American Hairless (Hairless Rat Terrier). All pups came out with hair, thank god. The only kicker is they are black and white. I mean don't I have enough black and white dogs. I believe all pups will be spoken for shortly. At least two are right now.

This litter was planned as a way to finally give something to my granddaughter that would be truly hers. Of course I couldn't believe that until today she did not realize that this dog was going to be her full responsibility. She thought they were getting it for her mom or brother. I had told her from the beginning that is was hers. That she had to have her grades up and listen to her mom and dad. Kendra has always felt her brother is better liked than her even though that isn't the case. Her and I have had a little problem bonding but this has given us something in common. This 11 yr old has not said one word to her dad about the pups and he won't know until it is to late. You would have to know my son to understand. Once the pup is in the home he will be fine with it. But until than he will come up with all these petty excuses. And if I have to I will use the grandma card. That worked before she came into the world and I bought all new stuff for her. He felt like I was saying he couldn't do for his family. And if I have to support the little bugger so my grandkids can have another dog I will find a way to do that. After their dog ran off last year all of them have missed him pretty bad. Well I'm sure there will people who won't agree with what I did but well I have my reasons. Just ask and I will explain. So that is what my weekend consisted of.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Have You Ever.............

Have yo ever had those days when you wake up and you know your going to be in a bad mood? I mean you can really feel it deep inside. Everything pisses you off. Well today is my day. And guess what it really sucks when you have no one you can bitch at. Sometimes being single sucks!