Saturday, August 21, 2010

What A Year, so far

Well my year just keeps getting better. not! On top of losing my best friend, in July I go and fall and mess up my ankle big time. Tried walking through Wal-Mart yesterday, lets just say I will take a pain killer before I go.

I have had to rethink alot of things lately. My disability has not come through yet and unemployment has run out so no money. Can't try to find a job because of the ankle. Can't work Belle because of the money situation. So After doing the ankle I realized that I needed to get really serious (I had been half hardly to find her a home.) about finding her a new home. She needed to be out doing something and I couldn't give her that. So a few weeks ago I laid my heart out there trying to find her a home. Well Patrick called and said he would take her and he thought he might have a home for her. So he came and got her. Right now she is staying with LJ Estes, who has Belle's mom. When Patrick gets back from Lacamas she will soon be on her way to Montana. So until sometime in the future I am out from a activity that has shown me things I never thought I could do. I have met some great people and want to tell them all thank you. I will still keep the blog but it will have tales from the 4 dogs I still have. Maybe some time in the future before Trey gets to old I will be able to run a few novice trials. Only time will tell.